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    Age, Sex, Location

    de Melissa Pimentel

    Age, Sex, Location

    A hilarious and refreshingly honest foray into modern dating, Age Sex Location is Bridget Jones's Diary for HBO's Girls generation....
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    Love, sex, dating and all the things that go horribly wrong along the way - this is perfect for fans of Bridget Jones's Diary. Melissa grew up in a small town in Massachusetts in a house without cable and therefore much of her childhood was spent watching 1970s British comedy on public television. At twenty-two, she made the move to London and has lived there happily for ten years, though has sadly never come across the Ministry of Funny Walks. Before meeting her fiance, she spent much of her time trawling the London dating scene for clean, non-sociopathic sexual partners and blogging about it, which became the inspiration for her first novel. These days, she spends much of her time reading in the various pubs of Stoke Newington and engaging in a long-standing emotional feud with their disgruntled cat, Welles. She works in publishing.

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    Cod Produs: a115261
    Noutate: 19 mar. 2015
    Editura: Penguin Books
    Data aparitiei: 2015
    Număr de pagini: 410
    Formatul cărţii: 129 x 198
    ISBN: 9781405918275
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