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Agent Storm: A Spy Inside al-Qaeda

de Morten Storm Paul Cruickshank Tim Lister

"You couldn't make it up... Agent Storm couldn't really be less like Bond... manna from heaven for counterterrorism experts" (Christina Lamb, Sunday Times)...
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He was the Western convert who would plunge deep inside al-Qaeda. He named his first son Osama after 9/11 and became a Jihadist. But then - after a sudden loss of faith - Morten Storm made a life-changing decision. He became a double agent and joined the CIA, MI6 and MI5.Filled with hair-raising close calls and deception, Storm's story builds to the climactic finale when he must betray his friend and mentor al-Awlaki - al-Qaeda's biggest threat to the West. Storm is trusted to find al-Awlaki a wife from Europe. She becomes the bait for a possible American drone strike.
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Cod Produs: a115266
Noutate: 19 mar. 2015
Editura: Penguin Books
Data aparitiei: 2015
Număr de pagini: 420
Formatul cărţii: 129 x 198
ISBN: 9780241968796
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