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Heart of Darkness and Other Tales

de Joseph Conrad

Attractive new setting using English first edition text for this outsanding edition by acclaimed Conrad scholar Cedric Watts Features new chronology and bibliography A unique combination of Conrad's stories Includes glossary of nautical terms, and a map of the Congo river HEART OF DARKNESS * AN OUTPOST OF PROGRESS * KARAIN * YOUTH...
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The finest of all Conrad's tales, 'Heart of Darkness' is set in an atmosphere of mystery and menace, and tells of Marlow's perilous journey up the Congo River to relieve his employer's agent, the renowned and formidable Mr Kurtz. What he sees on his journey, and his eventual encounter with Kurtz, horrify and perplex him, and call into question the very bases of civilization and human nature. Endlessly reinterpreted by critics and adapted for film, radio, and television, the story shows Conrad at his most intense and sophisticated. The other three tales in this volume depict corruption and obsession, and question racial assumptions. Set in the exotic surroundings of Africa, Malaysia. and the east, they variously appraise the glamour, folly, and rapacity of imperial adventure.

This revised edition uses the English first edition texts and has a new chronology and bibliography.

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Cod Produs: a105290
Noutate: 1 iun. 2014
Editura: Oxford University Press
Data aparitiei: 2008
Colectie: Oxford World's Classics
Număr de pagini: 272
Formatul cărţii: 13x20
ISBN: 978-0-19-953601-6
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