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Photo journalism

de Nick Yapp, Amanda Hopkinson

Photo journalism

Getty Images has one of the most important photo collections in the world. The fascinating black-and-white and color photographs in this volume lead observers through almost two centuries of the history of photo journalism....
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Including both everyday life and the grandest events, the ideals and fears of the decades are conveyed through an exciting perspective. The book will captivate you with its varied and striking images: viewers will be touched, shocked, amused, or even moved to tears. Individual chapters provide a clear, chronological summary of themes such as Revolutions, Entertainment, the Third Reich or the Role of Women. 

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Cod Produs: C211004
Noutate: 26 iul. 2013
Editura: Ullmann
Data aparitiei: 2012
Număr de pagini: 816
ISBN: 978-3-8480-0062-3
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