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Studia Phaenomenologica. Vol VII / 2007

de Ivan Chvatik & Cristian Ciocan (Eds.)

Studia Phaenomenologica. Vol VII / 2007

Volume edited in collaboration with Jan Patocka Archive in Prague as the Patocka centenary commemorative volume....
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We will be commemorating in 2007 the 100th birthday of Jan Patocka and the 30th anniversary of his death. I am very glad to see on this occasion a special issue of Studia Phænomenologica devoted to his philosophical thought. The recognition of Patocka's true importance as a philosopher has been constantly gaining ground since his death. The time has now come for his thought to receive the international reception and appreciation that it deserves. The idea of Europe is at the heart of both Patocka's philosophy of history and his political reflections. For him, this idea refers to the possibility of a radical break with the power of myth and the beginning of history in the strongest sense of the word: Europe is the decisive turning point which opens up an arena for politics and philosophy, a space for life in freedom and truth. Neither freedom nor truth should be taken for granted; both are, on the contrary, a task set to us, an achievement and, consequently, something for which we are responsible. This makes Europe a fragile project, which can never be finalised but is ever to come, and the formation of this coming is precisely our responsibility. ( Ivan Chvatik)
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Cod Produs: HU002300/1
Noutate: 1 dec. 30
Editura: Humanitas
Data aparitiei: 2012
Număr de pagini: 568
Formatul cărţii: 16,5 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-973-50-1648-7
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