Romania Redux

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Romania Redux's strength lies in the unique perspective of its authors - individuals who combine intricate knowledge of the country's history, national culture and particularities with a sophisticated understanding of the contemporary era of new global realities.
A thought-provoking work whose relevance transcends the national boundaries on which it is focused, and which offers food for thought for all societies striving to close the gap between promise and performance. Elaine M. PapouliasThis is a very valuable and much needed guide to the current Romanian scene from deeply engaged experts. While basically optimistic in tone, it provides penetrating analysis of some of the obstacles to be overcome in achieving further economic growth and is particularly useful in offering specific solutions to many of them. Readers will find it indispensable as a handbook for future action. I can heartily recommend this volume to anyone interested in today's Romania.United States Ambassador to Romania (1992-1994) Director of Degree Program John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard UniversityJoseph J. McCarthy
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Ediția cărții 1
ISBN 973-50-0845-9
Număr de pagini 164
Formatul cărţii 16*24 cm
Data apariției 2004
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